Funimation Announces Higurashi GOU English Cast

Funimation has announced the cast for the English Dub of Higurashi: When they Cry – GOU. I can’t say I’m too knowledgeable about the series, though. I’ve only seen the original Higurashi quite a while back when it first released. Kenji Kawai will be returning to compose the music for the series. I’m definitely a big fan of his work on the Ip Man franchise, so this great news for me! I look forward to hearing the music work on this anime.

To kick things off, there’s Emi Lo (AZUR LANE, Smile Down the Runway), who will be voicing Rena Ryugu, Brittany Lauda (Nichijou – My Ordinary Life, Made in Abyss) as Satoko Hojo and Michelle Rojas (Boogiepop and Others, Date A Live) as Mion Sonozaki!


Source: Funimation

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