More Guilty Gear Gear Strive Characters Revealed

New characters Giovanna and Nagoriyuki have been announced as the latest additions to Arcsystem’s future release: Guilty Gear Strive.

Giovanna in-game

Giovanna is a former special operations officer for the President of the United States and is best described as a rush-down character suited for those who are new to the game. As per usual, obligatory warnings about how it may be difficult to close the range with a rush-down character, but she does have a mechanic where her damage increases as her tension gauge fills up.

Nagoriyuki in-game

Nagoriyuki is a vampire samurai, and his gameplay kind of reminds of of Hakumen, only to the extend where he has range due to his giant sword and far-reaching slashes. He can chain specials but doing so causes his “Blood Gauge” to fill up, after which he enter “Blood Rage” where he is wide open for counters. I think this character will need finesse to play well.

Source: GuiltyGear

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