Sega Lays Off Employees

Anime News Network reports that Sega is ‘calling for the voluntary retirement of 650 employees and reduction in pay for its directors’ due to expected losses of 10 billion yen (~US$97 million). Sega also sold 3.51 million Sanrio shares it held to help fund the company. It is pretty sad that it had to come to this for the employees. It is also surprising whenever there is also pain inflicted on the higher ups of a corporation. I guess it’s my being used to U.S. companies and their scumbag ways when it comes to employee treatment.

Readers who have an eye on Japan would surely have heard of all the Sega closures around Akihabara in recent months because of reduced customer traffic due to coronavirus. It isn’t at all surprising that they have to let go of employees to stem losses. Here’s to hoping the workers find employment elsewhere promptly.

Source: Anime News Network

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